Discovering the last Martian War-machine


So first attempt at a blog.  Now it could of been about anything, personal life, the state of government today. but for me I decided I would write about people and places I’ve seen with the addition of a couple of photo’s here and there to give a bit of umph. Now for this I am starting small with something I don’t think is known outside certain fan circles and to locals in Surrey.  

I first heard of this years ago while still living in Liverpool when it was first unveiled. I believe as a 100th anniversary memorial to Mr Wells epic ‘history’ of the invasion of Earth published in 1897. While not his first piece in a genre that became known as science fiction it is his most famous work, and that it was honoured at the time, was a great surprise, was a great surprise. But of course within a week I’d forgotten about the thing, even if there was an urge to pop down and take a gander at the thing.

Fast forward 15 years or so and now I live close by but had totally forgotten about this thing that was 5 miles away in Woking. In fact what reminded me in the end was a friend driving me somewhere near Woking and we drove past Horsell Common site of the first Martian landing. Now that did strike a chord and the realisation that I was in ‘Martian country’. Two weeks later I finally end up in Woking and am exploring so I can get a feel for the place and what do I walk around a corner to find but a fricking Martian ‘war-machine’ standing on its lonesome between a bowling alley and Department Store.

We all have surreal moments in life this is one of them for me. I mean, seriously, I stopped in my tracks and the first thought through my head is. ‘It’s a bit smaller than it should be’ While in head my inner geek/nerd/whatever is doing a happy dance that someone built this. I mean even now five years later it’s clear Woking looks after it’s icon to our potential Martian overlords. Even if some peons, such as myself, still think we need a full size one of the buggers to truly give a sense of scale to how big they should be. however I don’t think anyone would ever do that around here due to the size the bugger would actually be!

However as a homage to what is considered the very first alien invasion novel by one of the founders of science fiction it is fits the bill perfectly. However I wonder if Mr Wells himself would actually like it. After all it’s not quite what he imagined if you look at some of the old prints relating to his epic. It’s more Jeff Wayne in design than Victorian Martian.


One thought on “Discovering the last Martian War-machine

  1. Yes – it’s a great Martian Invader and a credit to a Lib Dem Council for spending money to celebrate Woking’s part in a classic novel. A Conservative Council wouldn’t have done that – they wouldn’t have understood the concept of soul or sense of civic pride!


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