Albania, to see is to believe!

“Albania? Won’t that be dangerous?” Those were the words out of my mouth when my friend first proposed the idea of that part of our wander through the Balkans, and most people who heard we were going there felt the same. They think Albania is insanely dangerous place to go. Full of the despicable people … Continue reading Albania, to see is to believe!

Have Pritt Stick will travel

The book. Let's talk about the book shall we? It’s girlie, decent quality and only got started last year. You see over the two weeks I was away the one thing that came up again and again during the stays at the hostel along the way was the communal ‘sharing’ as I came to call … Continue reading Have Pritt Stick will travel

Discovering the last Martian War-machine

So first attempt at a blog.  Now it could of been about anything, personal life, the state of government today. but for me I decided I would write about people and places I’ve seen with the addition of a couple of photo’s here and there to give a bit of umph. Now for this I … Continue reading Discovering the last Martian War-machine